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The Startupreneur
Phuntshok Dechen Yangchen

Phuntshok Dechen Yangchen, Founder Guram

Phuntshok recently Graduated from the Royal Thimphu College and embarked on her journey of Entrepreneurship through a small candy business venture, Guram, that she started 2 years prior to joining the program.

Though this was a small-scale business, Phuntshok noticed the demand for her candy products, especially among tourists in Bhutan. As the unprecedented situation of Covid19 put a stop to Tourism — which was a major customer segment for Phuntshok — her business was put on a standstill. Phuntshok at the time even considered winding up her business.

Her experience with the Startupreneur Venturer Program brought to light certain…

Entrepreneurship and The Types of Startups — Mr. Aakarsh Naidu.

With the Start-Up culture taking the world by storm, new ideas and projects finally have a platform to propel to the next level. Be it a newbie or an experienced individual, Entrepreneurship has a lesson to teach each one of us. Through the Startupreneur Venturer — Global Startup Experience Program — we sought to acquaint you with Entrepreneurship at its essence and most importantly guide you as you delve into an exciting journey of getting to understand what it takes to establish your own brand!

Entrepreneurship can’t be taught, but it certainly can be learnt.

The first and foremost lesson before you start your journey of Entrepreneurship is that it…

Professor Jaideep Prabhu’s take on Jugaad

When we diverge from the West towards our eastern counterparts, the most frequent observations, as made by Prof Jaideep, have been about the unique features Jugaad Innovators bring to the table, the 3 key features being:

  1. Frugality — Reducing cost and speed
  2. Flexibility — Improvising Innovation processes based on needs.
  3. Inclusivity — Designing to bring people outside of the formal economy, into the formal economy.

Innovation as seen in an affluent society is likely to be high-end, over the budget products. Often large companies have big budgets, R&D teams and they spend a lot of time and money on coming…

The Startupreneur

The Startupreneur® is a UK based EdTech Venture which is revolutionising the way Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programs are delivered across the globe.

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